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Prix de thèse 2022 de la collaboration ALICE pour Shreyasi Acharya

On the 28th of July, the ALICE Collaboration has awarded the annual prizes for the best Ph.D. theses. Since 2008, the ALICE Thesis Award is given once a year for the most outstanding PhD thesis written by members of the Collaboration in the field of physics and instrumentation.

ALICE has appointed this year five ex-aequo best PhD thesis laureates. These were selected by a Thesis Award Committee based on the excellence of the results obtained, the quality of the manuscripts and the outstanding contributions to the collaboration works. The winners are Shreyasi Acharya from Kolkata, India, Mattia Faggin from Padova, Italy, Dimitar Mihaylov from Munich, Germany, Jasper Parkkila from Jyväskylä, Finland, and Mike Sas from Utrecht, The Netherlands. The ceremony took place in a special session of the ALICE Physics Week. The winners gave a flash talk of their work and received the prize from the ALICE spokesperson deputy, Barbara Erazmus, with congratulations from the Chair of the Collaboration Board, Marielle Chartier, and the Chairs of the selection committee, Giuseppe Bruno and Philippe Crochet.

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