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    A1 Mainz-KPH, CEA-Saclay, LPC Clermont,
    Gent University, ECT-Trento,
    Ljubljana Inst. Slovenia, Zagreb Univ.,...

A1 Web page :

VCS-première expérience à MAMI

VCS-SSA : Single Spin Asymmetry in

  • Experiment performed at MAMI in 2002-2004
  • Some transparencies (from H. Merkel)
  • Theoretical SSA : calculation based on the Dispersion Relation Model of B. Pasquini et al., Eur.Phys.J.A 11 (2001) 185, and hep-ph/0102335.
  • Results : see this poster

VCS-DSA : Double Spin Asymmetry in

Next VCS experiment :

  • Goal : map out the electric and magnetic polarizabilities, α and β, as a function of Q².
  • Proposal (2009) : see here
  • Thesis subject for 2010  : see here
  • results at Q2=0.10 GeV2 (preliminary) : PhD Thesis of Jure BERICIC, Ljubljana University (2015), see here
  • results at Q2=0.45 GeV2 (preliminary) : PhD Thesis of Meriem BENALI, UBP Clermont (2016), see here
  • results at Q2=0.20 GeV2 : PhD Thesis of Loup CORREA, UBP-Clermont/JGU-Mainz (2016), see here
  • Overview talk at LEPP workshop, Mainz, H.Fonvieille (2016) : see here
  • Final publication : J.Bericic, L. Correa, M. Benali, et al., "New insight in the Q2-dependence of proton generalized polarizabilities", to appear in Phys.Rev.Lett. (2019).