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Galaxy clusters and weak lensing studies with LSST

Événement : Séminaires, soutenances
Date : jeudi 26 janvier 2017 de 11:00 à 13:00
Intervenant : Nicolas Chotard

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) is designed to conduct a ten-year survey of the dynamic universe. During these 10 years, LSST will observe tens of thousands of galaxy clusters, among other objects such as stars or supernovae.

The cosmology analyses of the catalogs delivered by LSST will be carried out by the Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC). In this talk, I will present a status of the cluster analysis I am currently working on within DESC. I will mainly focus on the individual steps that, together, aim at measuring the cluster mass with an accuracy below 10%, which is an essential ingredient for doing precision cosmology with clusters.